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Pplkpr App Gives Biofeedback on Your Relationships

by Joseph


We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of “problem friends,” those that seem to provoke an amount of grief or anxiety disproportionate to their actual place of importance in your life. Then there are the boring friends, who might be able to provoke a response like that if you cared about them in any way. Instead of feeling guilty about classifying human beings in these callous, insensitive ways, why not own up to it with the Pplkpr (short for “people keeper”) app?

Pplkpr uses GPS and a smartwatch heart monitor to determine which people in your life give you the most excitement, anxiety, boredom, and so on. You have the option to let these people know the results of the app, but that would probably just cause more anxiety unless the news is unambiguously good.

It’s a fascinating idea for an app, even though it’s hard for me to imagine anyone making real decisions about their relationships based on it. You can get some more information on Pplkpr at the iTunes Store here, where it’s currently priced at exactly $0.

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