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PoweriSite: Charge Your Smartphone With Power Tools

by Joseph

Imagine, you’re about to wrap up a long day of work out on a construction site or any other place where power tools are used. You pull out your iPhone in order to check to see if you should pick up dinner on the way home. But you can’t, because your phone is dead. And, in the bitterest of ironies, your electric drill has still got a week’s worth of juice in it. In a perfect world, you’d be able to borrow some energy from your tools and put it into your phone. ¬†And now, with PoweriSite, you can.

PoweriSite is the latest product by Extrasensory Devices, and it works by attaching almost any kind of Dewalt (between 14 and 18 volts) to any USB-charged device. Boom, you’ve got yourself some extra iPhone power, no matter where you (and your power tools) are.

To pre-order a PoweriSite USB charger just head to the Extrasensory Devices online store here, where they’re currently priced at $17.95. And you can also see some pictures of the PoweriSite in the gallery up top.

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