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New MJ Bale Power Suit Makes Cashless Payments (Video)

by Joseph
Power Suit

Power Suit

It’s true that a good suit can do a lot for you, but now there’s one that you can actually buy stuff with. It’s called the Power Suit, and it was designed by Australian tailor MJ Bale on commission by the Heritage Bank with a wireless payment built right into its sleeve.

The Power Suit is still in the prototype stage, but the NFC wireless technology in the sleeve of its jacket seems to work like a charm. Once it’s released to customers of the Heritage Bank, it will use the payWave system from Visa to give them a mobile wallet right in the sleeve of their suit jackets.

Billed as “the world’s most powerful suit” (I guess MJ Bale hasn’t seen Robocop), the Power Suit prototype is currently being tested out but could be on the market very soon. You can see a promotional video about the project below.


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