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‘Power Rangers’ International Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Power Rangers

Power Rangers

There’s no point in trying to avoid it, since you know you’re gonna end up watching it anyway.  It’s Power Rangers, the big-screen reboot that proves that no fondly remembered 1990s TV property is too silly or low-rent to get a ponderous cinematic adaptation. Now, a new international trailer for the movie has been released, giving fans a look at what the movie will be like.

Since it’s a trailer intended for multiple markets outside the US, the new international trailer for Power Rangers doesn’t have a lot of dialogue—which is also understandable given that the original series wasn’t exactly Ernst Lubitsch. You may recall that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was already turned into a movie back in 1995, but I have better things to do with my afternoon than get sucked into a Wikipedia wormhole in order to explain this version’s relation to that one, and how they both connect to the original show.

You can see the trailer for Power Rangers below, and then enjoy your remaining time before the movie comes out on March 24th, 2017.

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