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‘Power Rangers’ Marathon Happening Now on Twitch

by Joseph
Power Rangers marathon

Power Rangers marathon

As you are probably aware, there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out, but unlike the Power Rangers of our youth, these new kids don’t appear to have to share the screen with re-purposed Japanese kaiju footage, which is a huge miscalculation in my opinion. Luckily for me, and for all the other Mighty Morphin Purists out there, there’s currently a Power Rangers marathon happening on Twitch.

The fun began on March 14th, at 11 AM on the West Coast. and the Power Rangers marathon will continue for as long as it takes to stream all 23 seasons and 831 episodes of the franchise’s various television incarnations, including Ninja Storm, Turbo, Wild Force … and wasn’t there one with dinosaurs?

Twitch is generally a service for video game live streams, but the Power Rangers marathon is the site’s way of rolling out the new TwitchPresents. You can get more information, and watch some multicolored kung fu action, at the official TwitchPresents site right here.

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