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Power Energy Toothpaste: “The World’s First Caffeinated Toothpaste”

by Joseph
Power Energy Toothpaste

Power Energy Toothpaste

“I can’t start the day without my cup of coffee” is in a constant battle with “coffee tastes bad right after I brush my teeth” for control over the morning routines of many people in the world. But now, the battle belongs to Power Energy Toothpaste, billed as the first caffeinated toothpaste in the world.

Power Energy Toothpaste does all the things that conventional toothpaste does – cleaning and whitening your teeth – but with a dose of caffeine that purportedly takes effect almost instantly (unlike the caffeine in coffee, which takes at least half an hour to be absorbed into your bloodstream). And if the idea of brushing your teeth with coffee-flavored toothpaste makes you grimace, don’t worry–this has a minty taste in line with regular toothpastes.

You can get more info at Power Energy Toothpaste’s IndieGoGo page right here, where a 2.5-ounce bottle (enough for 90 brushes) goes for $25 and up.

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