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Porsche Design P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition Pen

by Joseph
Porsche Design P’3135

Porsche Design P’3135

What would it take to make a pen exciting? Maybe some gadgets built into it by the people at Q Branch, or edible ink? The newest release from Porsche Design doesn’t fulfill any of those fantasies, but as far as pens go, the Porsche Design P’3135 is pretty darn cool anyway.

The Porsche Design P’3135 is a limited edition gold pen available (or maybe I should say “available”) in only eleven pieces all over the world. Its streamlined design is the definition of sexy (at least as it applies to inanimate objects), owing in part to the fact that it’s molded from a single piece of 14-/585 carat gold. Then there’s the 18-/750 carat gold nib and a removable end cap for refills, and you’d have yourself a stylish and handsome writing implement even if it had nothing to do with the Porsche brand.

But it does, so the odds of you being able to experience the smooth writing of the Porsche Design P’3135 are pretty slim, especially given that each one of the 11 pieces will reportedly cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 grand. But you can get some more information on the Porsche Design website here – then spend the rest of the day looking at the cheap ballpoint you accidentally stole out of a bank lobby.

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