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Porsche Cayman GT4 Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4

The Cayman has long been thought of as the Porsche 911‘s slightly less cool little brother. But now, the new Porsche Cayman GT4 has been unveiled by the company, and it’s supposed to be the fastest, most track-suitable Cayman to ever carry the name.

The new Porsche Cayman GT4 boasts some impressive performance specs even in advance of its official debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month. These include a top speed of 138 miles per hour, and a 0-60 mile per hour run that clocks in at 4.2 seconds. Other improvements on previous incarnations of the car are evident as well, like a suspension that’s 30mm lower, and racing seats in carbon fiber.

It’s not March yet, so there are still plenty of details on the Porsche Cayman GT4 still to come. But you can take a look at a short promotional video for the car below. And for more, head over to the official Porsche site here.

Here’s the video:

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