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Pornhub’s Giant Times Square Advertisement Taken Down (Pics and Video)

by Joseph
Pornbub Billboard

Pornbub Billboard

If you were in Times Square yesterday and felt a curious urge to masturbate, don’t worry: That’s just a sign that you’re susceptible to advertising. That’s because porno website Pornhub erected a giant billboard in the advertising mecca, and they did it without using any of their signature product. Instead, the ad was completely non-pornographic, albeit while still remaining pretty suggestive.

As to what the ad was suggestive of, I’ll go ahead and trust my audience to figure that out. You can see it in the photo above, but for the sake of clarity I’ll describe the ad as showing two hands combining into a heart shape with the slogan “All You Need Is Hand.”

It was a pretty clever ad, and one that was pretty much guaranteed to go viral, which in turn means it was probably worth however much it was that Pornhub had to pay to secure the advertising space.

Or, at least it would have been. I’m using the past tense here because earlier today, an official Pornhub Twitter account tweeted that the billboard had vanished:

No explanation for why the billboard was yanked (so to speak) has been offered, but it’s somewhat easy to assume that there was probably some controversy over it, especially given the generally family-friendly vibe of Times Square (I can just picture all the little child tourists asking their parents what “Pornhub” is).

But, even if the Pornhub billboard can’t be seen in person anymore, you can watch a video of the billboard’s “christening ceremony” below. It features the Gotham Rock Choir performing the sure-to-be-a-hit song “All You Need Is Hand,” sung to the tune of, surprise, “All You Need Is Love.” I don’t know this for sure, but I have a feeling that somewhere, somehow, John Lennon is laughing.

Here’s the video:

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