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Pornhub Records: Pornhub Launches Record Label

by Joseph
Pornhub Records

Pornhub Records

It wasn’t that long ago that Coolio shocked the system by premiering a new song and video on website Pornhub, despite the fact that most people who log onto Pornhub are probably not interested in checking out the latest track from Coolio. Now, though, our collective amazement at such a business model seems downright quaint, since Pornhub has announced the launch of Pornhub Records, the site’s new in-house record label.

Pornhub Records hasn’t signed any artists as of yet, but the label’s first project is the “Pornhub Song Search Contest,” an attempt to find an official Pornhub anthem somewhere out there amongst the site’s millions of users. And, hilariously, Coolio is listed on the site as one of the contestants. Good luck, Coolio!

You can check out the Pornhub Song Search Contest sponsored by Pornhub Records here, provided you aren’t in an office environment that frowns on visiting porn sites at work. And further announcements regarding artists signed to the Pornhub Records label are sure to come in the next few weeks and months.

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