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Pop Pasta: The Latest Monstrous Food Craze

by Joseph
Pop Pasta

Pop Pasta

A new concoction known as “spaghetti donuts” are what’s obviously intended to be the next big viral food craze, but in my own personal opinion it’s more like an actual virus. They’re called Pop Pasta, and they’re made with actual spaghetti! As in, pasta and donuts, together at last.

Pop Pasta spaghetti donuts are baked rather than the traditional fried, so as to allow the melding of spaghetti and doughnut in an optimum (?) fashion. They come in a wide variety of flavors, all of them with spaghetti as a chief ingredient: “Aglio e Olio Pop (Parmesan cheese, eggs, olive oil, garlic and various spices), Red Sauce Pop (a tomato puree), Zucchini Pop (zucchini added), Carbonara Pop (bacon) and Bolognese Pop (Red Sauce Pop with ground beef).” Dale Cooper is probably rolling in the Black Lodge over this one, folks.

You can get more information on Pop Pasta at the brand’s official site here, if you dare.

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