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Pop-Out Outlet From the Legrand Adorne Collection

by Joseph
Pop-Out Outlet

Pop-Out Outlet

While the phrase “Pop-Out Outlet” may conjure up thoughts of some kind of upscale outlet mall fashion installation, it’s actually one of the more interesting pieces in Legrand’s new Adorne collection, and a good practical addition to your household as well.

The Pop-Out Outlet is three outlets in one, all of which recede into the wall when you aren’t using them. Then, at the touch of a button they (wait for it), pop out, and you have three times as many outlets as you would otherwise have. If you’re a roamer when it comes to power outlets, plugging your phone in wherever it’s most convenient, this could be a good way to boost your home’s power potential in a cheap and easy way—but you do need an electrician to install them.

More information on the Pop-Out Outlet can be found at the Legrand site right here, where you can also find info on where to buy.

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