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PolyWood: Polygonal Wood Toy Concepts by Mat Szulik (Photos)

by Joseph

The era of wooden toys is thought by most to be over, but designer Mat Szulik is bringing them back, albeit in a purely conceptual form. Szulik has a style of 3D art that he calls “lowpoly,” and according to the artist he wanted to “explore my lowpoly style and push it further and further,” the result being a line of wooden toys he calls PolyWood.

PolyWood toys are simple yet beautiful renderings of animals like elephants, giraffes, and wolves, but one can easily imagine the process being used to create much more imaginative creatures—a dragon, say, or maybe even something no one has dreamed up yet. But for now, it’s just a concept piece made in the artist’s free time, and seems to be more or less restricted to our physical world.

You can check out some of the coolest PolyWood toys in the gallery below, and to see the rest head over to the project’s official Behance listing right here.

Here’s the gallery:


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