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Polycade: “The Retro Arcade of the Future”

by Joseph


There are few things cooler to have in your house than an original arcade cabinet, but that coolness carries a high premium when it comes to the price you pay for one. As with seemingly every other quasi-problem of the world, technology has found an answer in the form of Polycade.

Polycade is a video game console that replicates many of the most important gameplay features of an old-fashioned arcade cabinet (minus the badass cabinet art, naturally), but that also plays any number of emulated classic games. It’s got a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B under the hood, but it’s built to be totally upgrade-able in the future. And lest you think you’re disrespecting the video game gods by getting one, it was developed by a team that includes Atari founder Nolan Bushnell among its members.

You can pre-order your own Polycade pre-loaded with emulation software and close to 100 games starting at $1,550 and up at the project’s Kickstarter, linked to from its site along with more information right here.

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