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11 Political Sex Scandals in USA History

by Esteban

Well, election season is officially upon us. Pretty soon Mitt Romney will choose his running mate, the Republicans will hold their convention, and the real mud–the nasty, mucky stuff—will start to fly.

If we’re lucky, the election season will give us one or two good old fashioned political sex scandals. Maybe some ultraconservative Republican from the heartland will turn up at a gay bar in Nebraska. Or perhaps a radical liberal Democrat from the left coast will text a picture of his member of sexual congress to a doe-eyed 20-year-old campaign volunteer. Either way, it’s always hilarious when a politician’s hubris leads him (and, yes, the one’s involved in the best scandals usually are men) to believe he is indestructible. Because, you know, he’s not.

And that brings us to today’s list of 11 completely ridiculous political sex scandals.

What makes a political sex scandal completely ridiculous, you ask? Well, it can’t just be a simple extramarital affair, or some guy turning out to be gay. That kind of stuff happens to regular folks all the time.

No, what we’re talking about are instances of extremely poor judgement that only a bloated political fat cat could exercise; for almost unbelievable, poetic hypocrisy; or for stuff that’s just freaking hilarious. You know, like the governor of one of the biggest states in the country thinking he could spend $15,000 on hookers and get away with it.

Speaking of which, let’s see who’s at #11, shall we?

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