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Poler Sandwich Maker: Hot Campfire Sandwiches

by Joseph
Poler Sandwich Maker

Poler Sandwich Maker

You’re out in the wilderness, with nothing but a campfire to keep you company. Could this be an appropriate time for a piping hot sandwich? Conventional wisdom would say “no, eat a marshmallow or something,” but with the Poler Sandwich Maker you can have just that in no time at all.

The Poler Sandwich Maker is simple enough for almost anyone to use, but versatile enough to create any kind of hot sandwich your heart could desire while you’re exploring the great outdoors. You just put in your sandwich makings inside the Sandwich Maker, seal it up, and hold it to the fire until you start to see cheese melting (if there’s no cheese on the sandwich, well, I don’t know what to say to you quite frankly).

You can get a Poler Sandwich Maker for just under $53 at the Poler online store here. Quiznos: You may very well now be obsolete.


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