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Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

by Joseph
Polaroid Zip

Polaroid Zip

Thanks to Instagram and other similar services, the art of making photographs look like old Polaroids has been perfected, while¬†actually printing them out has been a little trickier. But a new gadget from (who else?) Polaroid aims to make the process as simple as it was in the old days with the Polaroid Zip, an instant mobile printer that’s roughly the size of a smartphone.

The Polaroid Zip side-steps a lot of the problems associated with printing thanks to the fact that it doesn’t use any ink or toner, instead implementing ZINK paper with built-in dye crystals that are activated when your photo starts printing. The possible applications for such a device probably speak for themselves, but some additional perks of the Zip include pre-printing decoration of snapshots, and the fact that each print doubles as a sticker.

Depending on how much ZINK paper you want, Polaroid Zip starts at $129.99 at the Photojojo online store right here, provided you don’t mind wading through a little bit of really jokey ad copy.

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