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Polaroid Cube Camera (Video)

by Joseph
Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Cube

New from Polaroid, it’s a “lifestyle action camera” that’s designed to be like the quirky version of a GoPro. It’s the Polaroid Cube, a small cube-shaped camera with a magnet attached to the bottom so it can stick to myriad metal surfaces while it takes the photos you can’t get with a normal camera or phone.

The Polaroid Cube is only 35mm high, completely water-resistant, and can capture 124 degrees of action in a single shot. Polaroid also has plans for a line of accessories that will expand the capabilities of the camera beyond what it can accomplish on its own.

Release details such as pricing on the Polaroid Cube are still to come, but the Cube is supposed to be available sometime this month according to the product’s website which you can take a look at here. And you can also watch a video about the Polaroid Cube below.


(via Uncrate)

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