Home Entertainment ‘Polaroid’: A Horror Movie About a Possessed Polaroid Camera (Trailer)

‘Polaroid’: A Horror Movie About a Possessed Polaroid Camera (Trailer)

by Joseph


I already wrote up one horror movie trailer today – Cult of Chucky – but this is crazy enough to justify doing another one. It’s called Polaroid, and believe it or not it’s about some kind of haunted Polaroid camera kid finds in an antique store.

I’m not sure what legal arrangement allowed Polaroid, a trademarked brand name, to become to the title of a horror movie, but somebody must think that such a film won’t hurt sales of a brand that’s still trying to make it in the era of digital photography – if anything, if the movie takes off, it might lead to a resurgence in retro Polaroid technology, which, unlike an actual possessed killer camera, would be welcome good news for Polaroid.

Anyway, you can stay tuned to the movie’s official Twitter account here for more, and check out the trailer for Polaroid below. The film will be, I dunno, fully developed or whatever on August 25th, 2017.

Here’s the trailer:


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