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‘Pokémon’ OST on Colored Vinyl Coming Soon

by Joseph
Pokémon OST

Pokémon OST

I don’t know how much Venn diagram overlap there is between Pokémon players and vinyl collectors/enthusiasts, but I know that anybody who falls into that trench will be interested in this upcoming release from Moonshake records. It’s the Pokémon OST from composer Junichi Masuda on limited edition colored vinyl in honor of the games’ 20th anniversary.

This Pokémon OST release includes the entire recorded scores for both the Red and Blue editions of the iconic Game Boy game, along with the theme song of the TV cartoon. It’s printed on striking swirled red-on-white vinyl, and the cover is a pocket-monster variant of the cover of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The Pokémon OST will be a limited edition of 500 copies priced at $49.95 each, and you can sign up to be alerted as soon as it goes on sale at the Turntable Lab online store right here, where you can also get a full track list for the release.

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