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Pokémon Cheeseburgers From Sydney’s Down-N-Out

by Joseph
Pokémon cheeseburgers

Pokémon cheeseburgers

If all this Pokémon GO talk has you craving some Pokémon, or if you just want to bring the sport of Pokémon hunting back to a time when our proud ancestors hunted in order to feed themselves and their families, a burger joint in Sydney, Australia called Down-N-Out has a new line of Pokémon cheeseburgers just for you.

As revealed by the Down-N-Out Instagram account, the restaurant’s Pokémon cheeseburgers are pretty elaborate facsimiles of a trio of specific Pokémon—Pikachu, naturally, joined by Bulbasaur and Charmander. If you can steer yourself up to the challenge of devouring lovable creatures, they’re probably pretty good.

Unfortunately, you have to be in the Sydney area to find out, but if you’re not you can stay tuned to the Down-N-Out Instagram account right here to wait for some additional glimpses at these Pokémon cheeseburgers. And if you are in Sydney, well, you probably already know that you gotta eat ’em all.

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