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Pokédrone: Catch ‘Em All Remotely via Drone (Video)

by Joseph


Even just in the last week, Pokémon Go has done wonders for getting normally-sedentary video game enthusiasts to get off their asses and walk around a little, in the interest of finding and catching Pokémon but with the side benefit of giving them some much-needed exercise. But on the subject of much-needed exercise…who needs it? Especially if you’re the proud owner of a Pokédrone from TRNDlabs.

The Pokédrone is an unauthorized Pokémon Go accessory drone that will use the app to locate and catch out-of-reach pokémon. It’s equipped with a GPS system and built-in camera for doing so, and you don’t have to walk a single step to use it. That, my friends, is the future.

Of course, one can expect Nintendo to put the kibosh on Pokédrone and other products like it pretty soon, at least until they’re able to get a cut of the action. But in the meantime you can get more information from TRNDlabs right here, and check out the Pokédrone in action in the video below.

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