Home Entertainment ‘Pogo Freestyle!’: Take a Look at These Extreme Pogo Tricks (Video)

‘Pogo Freestyle!’: Take a Look at These Extreme Pogo Tricks (Video)

by Joseph
Pogo Freestyle!

Pogo Freestyle!

I know it’s only Thursday and most of us have another workday to suffer through before the weekend, but I thought I’d let everybody get a taste of some content that screams “FRIDAY!” a day in advance. It’s a video entitled Pogo Freestyle!, courtesy of extreme pogo brand XPOGO.

Billed as the “World’s Best Pogo Tricks,” Pogo Freestyle! demonstrates how far the pogo stick has come since its days as a symbol for quaint childhood play, like the yo-yo or one of those caps with a propeller on the top. The music isn’t that great, but you can always turn the sound down and enjoy your own musical accompaniment (maybe “Jump Around” by House of Pain).

Anyway, check out Pogo Freestyle! for yourself below. Then, if you feel a sudden desire to stock up on pogo gear, head over to the official XPOGO online shop right here.

Here’s the (extremely, undeniably, rest-assuredly SFW) video:

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