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Pod: The GPS Pet Tracker

by Joseph

Pod GPS Pet Tracker

One of the primary anxieties associated with pet ownership is the fear that your pet will somehow get lost and you’ll never be able to find it. Pod is a product that seems designed specifically to counter that anxiety, since it’s a small, durable GPS pet tracker that you can attach to your pet’s collar.

The fact that Pod uses GPS is significant because it means that it doesn’t have to be nearby in order to work. Your dog could hop on an airplane to Uzbekistan and you’d still know exactly where the little fella went, as long as you’ve got your smartphone and the Pod app handy.

The Pod GPS pet tracker is also ergonomically designed so Rex won’t complain about his neck bothering him after a long day of fetching bones and chasing cars. The Pod is in its fundraising stage for the next month, and you can pre-order yours from its IndieGoGo page here for just under $150.

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