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Plazmatic X: Flameless Dual Plasma Beam Lighter

by Joseph
Plazmatic X

Plazmatic X

Lighters, no matter how elaborate or cosmetically ostentatious they may get, have all worked under the same basic principle: Create a small flame for various uses. The Plazmatic X is the first post-flame lighter, though, which uses a dual plasma beam for all of its lighting functions.

The Plazmatic X doesn’t need any hard-sell tactics with its futuristic plasma-based function, but the makers of it gave it one anyway, calling it “THE WORLD’S MOST BADASS FLAMELESS, WINDPROOF, USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER” on the product’s website. Seeing it in action, that’s a hard statement to dispute, and the lighter’s x-shaped plasma cross-beams give it more practical applications than a typical old-school Zippo has.

Other items in the pro-plasma column are that the Plazmatic X is rechargeable and eco-friendly, but those selling points can’t help but seem a little mundane compared to the fact that it’s a lighter that works with plasma beams. You can get more information, or order yours in a variety of color options starting at $54.95, at the product’s official site here.

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