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Playstation 4 Unveiled By Sony

by Joseph
Playstation 4

Playstation 4

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3, Sony announced the next iteration of their incredibly popular Playstation console, the Playstation 4.

So how much is the Playstation 4 expected to cost?  It is believed that it will be released at a Microsoft-infuriating price point of $399 (one-hundred bucks cheaper than the Xbox One).

Other anti-Xbox One features include a lack of mandatory online check-ins and no attempt by Sony to restrict the sale of used games (two very controversial concepts rumored to be part of Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox One).

The announcement also included looks at several upcoming games, both developed by Sony and by third-party developers. You can see more info about the PS4 and its features at the Playstation website here.

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