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PlayStation 4 Pro Unveiled

by Joseph
PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro

Recently unveiled by Sony, the latest in the company’s PlayStation line of video game consoles is one for the professional, or at least the person who likes to think he or she could be a professional. It’s the PlayStation 4 Pro, a variant on the almost 4-year-old PS4 that provides technological upgrades in almost every respect.

The PlayStation 4 Pro boasts a faster CPU and more powerful GPU for higher frame rates, 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range, and other necessities for the modern cutting-edge gamer. It can also be used as a general home entertainment system, naturally, and the new hardware brings it more up to date with today’s ultra HDTVs and other advancements.

And you’ll be able to buy your own Sony PlayStation 4 Pro for $400 starting on November 10th, when the console is currently scheduled to hit store shelves in time for the holidays. Alternatively, you can pre-order one from Amazon here right now.

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