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Playing Card Notebook Feels Just Like a Real Deck

by Joseph
Playing Card Notebook

Playing Card Notebook

Not since Gambit of the X-Men have playing cards made such functional implements outside of their intended purpose than with the Playing Card Notebook, now available from SuckUK. On the outside, it looks and feels just like an authentic deck of playing cards, but the faces are blank and ready for you to add your own thoughts, scratches, and doodles.

The reason the Playing Card Notebook feels like real playing cards is because it’s “made from the finest quality genuine playing card stock,” and each page/card can be detached and used as an actual card—conceivably, an ambitious artist could actually draw custom faces on every card, as seen in the photo up at the top, for a truly one-of-a-kind playing card deck.

You can get your own Playing Card Notebook at the SuckUK online store here, where it’s priced at about eight bucks.  It’s a little more than you’d pay for a regular deck, but just think of the possibilities.

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