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‘Playboy VR’: Tour the World’s Most Famous Mansion via Virtual Reality

by Joseph
Playboy VR

Playboy VR

If one were going to take a virtual reality (or a real reality, for that matter) tour of the Playboy Mansion, they’d probably want it to be in, oh, 1966 or so, in the thick of the spot’s golden era. But you can’t do that, and until they invent time travel or memory implantation you won’t be able to, so you’ll have to content yourself with Playboy VR, a virtual tour of the mansion in good old 2017.

Here’s the spiel, direct from the Head Playmate in Charge:

“What used to be thought of as science fiction is now a reality. Step into the World of Playboy and visit the Mansion in honor of Playboy’s May/June 2017 Playmate of the Year issue. Walk around the house with Playboy’s Chief Creative Officer, Cooper Hefner, in this one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience.”

You can experience Playboy VR in one of three ways, depending on what hardware you have at hand: by phone, by computer, or with a virtual reality headset for a truly immersive experience of being guided around the Playboy Mansion by an executive.

Is there nudity? Are there celebrities? How about product placement? To find out, head over to the tour’s site here.

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