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‘Playboy’ Presents “Poolside” Skate Video

by Joseph
Playboy Presents "Poolside"

Playboy Presents "Poolside"

When you read that Playboy is presenting a video called “Poolside,” you can be forgiven for assuming that it will feature a bunch of blonde Playmates lounging near a swimming pool while wearing little-to-no clothing. Actually, though, while this “Poolside” video does have a pool, it’s not being used in the manner you might expect.

Instead of Playmates, “Poolside” features skateboarders Tony Alva, Stevie Williams, Arto Saari and Brandon Biebel doing their thing in an empty pool (and some pretty stylish clothes). The whole project is from one of  Playboy‘s staff photographers, Tony Kelly, and will presumably also include a photo spread for the magazine.

If you’re eagle-eyed enough, you’ll spot shoe brands like Vans, New Balance, and Supra in the Playboy “Poolside” video below.

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