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‘Plastic Surgeon’ Exhibition by Sculptor Jason Freeny

by Joseph
Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

Unless you’re Ghostface or someone equally deranged, there’s a very strong chance that you have never even idly wondered what cartoon characters’ insides look like. Sculptor Jason Freeny has done more than just wonder about it, though, in a new exhibition called Plastic Surgeon.

Mario, SpongeBob SquarePants, and even a chocolate Easter bunny go under the knife for Plastic Surgeon, which opens on September 15th at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in the Ginza district of Tokyo. I wouldn’t presume to know the meaning of it all, but it is an interesting way to re-synthesize popular and immediately visually recognizable characters as never before.

The exhibition will run until October 5th, but even if you aren’t going to be in Tokyo by then you can get some more information on both Plastic Surgeon and the rest of the Megumi Ogita Gallery’s current and upcoming exhibitions at the gallery’s official site right here.

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