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Plastic Bottle Cutter: Turn Bottles Into Rope

by Joseph
Plastic Bottle Cutter

Plastic Bottle Cutter

We all know the ungodly damage plastic does to our environment when it’s thrown into the ocean, but even if you’re dutifully recycling all of your used plastic bottles, you’re still letting a lot of potentially-useful material go to waste. That’s why there’s the colorlessly but accurately named Plastic Bottle Cutter.

Those seemingly insubstantial plastic bottle can actually be turned into extremely useful strands of makeshift rope, strong enough to tow a car and flexible enough to tie off a bag of bread. Conveniently, the strands come in a variety of sizes for whatever use you might need to make of it.

The Plastic Bottle Cutter is hugely popular on Kickstarter, raising almost 15 times its fundraising goal with another 50 days of crowdfunding left to go. You can get in on the action here, with a $22 pre-order and shipments set to begin as soon as June rolls around.

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