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Plastc Card: Up To 20 Personal Cards In One (Video)

by Joseph
Plastc Card

Plastc Card

If you open up your wallet, there’s a good chance that you will see a depressing and Costanzaesque number of not just credit and debit cards, but also stray gift cards, access cards, and other card-shaped detritus. Before you sigh and wonder if there’s a better way, we’re here to tell you that there is: It’s the Plastc Card.

The easy-to-misspell Plastc Card is equipped with a magnetic strip, NFC, and is PIN-capable, which allows you to program information from up to 20 of these cards and consolidate them into one credit-card-sized super card. And since it has all the aforementioned features, it’s accepted anywhere that your cards are. But the coolest part of the Plastc Card is its small e-ink touchscreen, which means you can receive and input data directly through the card, which also syncs up to a smartphone app. This gives the Plastc Card a variety of features that most cards can’t even dream of (or require), including proximity notifications and wireless charging.

For a complete rundown on how the Plastc Card works, what it can do, and how to pre-order one for $155, just take a look at the Plastc Card website here. And you can also see a short informational video on the Plastc Card below. Enjoy:


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