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Pizza Hut Pizza Parka: “Made from the New Delivery Pouch” (Video)

by Joseph
Pizza Hut Pizza Parka

Pizza Hut Pizza Parka

A “pizza parka” kind of sounds like it could be one of two things: A parka with a pizza-inspired visual design, or a parka actually made out of pizza. The first isn’t that interesting and the second is probably impossible, so it’s a good thing there’s actually a third option: The Pizza Hut Pizza Parka, a parka made from the new delivery pouches the pizza delivery chain wishes to promote.

The Pizza Hut Pizza Parka sports the same three thermal insulation layers that keep your Pizza Hut pizza piping hot (or so they will have us believe): 3M Thinsulate Insulation, PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier for reflecting sunlight, and a polyester fiber padding. This is just my opinion, but it seems like it could also double as a spacesuit, which probably bodes well for your pizza if nothing else.

Anyway, check out the Pizza Hut Pizza Parka in the promotional video below. And to get a Pizza Parka, place an order through Pizza Hut’s website or app through the end of National Pizza Month to be entered in a contest to win one.


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