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Pizza Hut Museum Opens on Wichita State University Campus

by Joseph
Pizza Hut Museum

Pizza Hut Museum

In 1958, Wichita’s own Dan and Frank Carney made pizza history by opening the very first Pizza Hut location. Now, visitors and stuffed crust enthusiasts from all over the world can pay homage to the original Hut, by visiting the new Pizza Hut Museum located at Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus.

Not to be confused with the trendy Museum of Pizza, the Pizza Hut Museum will give visitors the chance to trace the entire history of the Pizza Hut franchise, with exhibited items including the original recipe for Pizza Hut’s pizza sauce and vintage photos of the restaurant’s origins. And according to WSU Foundation CEO Elizabeth King, the museum will constantly be rotating in new exhibits and items for viewing: “Every six months it’ll be a little bit different.”

I’m not sure if the Pizza Hut Museum will actually serve up Pizza Hut pizza, but it might be worth a visit the next time you’re traveling through Wichita. Read more about the museum at The Washington Post right here.

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