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Flick Football Box From Pizza Hut

by Joseph
Flick Football Box

Flick Football Box

Pizza Hut continues to explore the after-meal possibilities of the pizza box, now with something called the Flick Football Box. Basically, it’s a pizza box that can be used as a table football field in addition to its duties as a carrier of a medium Pizza Hut pizza.

The Flick Football Box is part of a big social media campaign by Pizza Hut, which is urging customers to share videos and photos of their flick football games with the box on the internet. If you tag Pizza Hut in the post, you’re entered to win a free pizza every week, so good luck out there, everybody.

You can get more information on the Flick Football Box sweepstakes straight from the Hut’s mouth right here. And if things start to get a little too competitive for you during those “friendly” table football games, just remember this: Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

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