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PIXO: Use Your Tablet as Second Desktop Display

by Joseph


The benefits of a second display for your desktop computing setup are well-known, if you’re the type of Matrix jockey who can make use of it. And now, if you have a tablet sitting around, you can discover these benefits yourself with the aid of PIXO.

PIXO is essentially a magnetic desktop mount that lets you attach your tablet to whatever display you’re using now for a genuine second screen with much less hassle than it might normally have required in the past. And it supports a wide variety of tablets, regardless of manufacturer – it just has to be no thicker than 9mm to fit right in.

Unlike a lot of the Kickstarters featured here, PIXO is having a bit of trouble getting off the ground, so if you want to see your tablet put in a place of pride next to your primary desktop display, support the project through its Kickstarter listing right here.

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