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Pixel Food Printer: Enjoy 3D Printed Sushi (Video)

by Joseph
Pixel Food Printer

Pixel Food Printer

If you’ve ever looked at foodstuffs in old 8-bit video games and felt that special kind of hunger that comes from craving something that doesn’t exist in the real world, good news: The people at Open Meals have finally figured out how to 3D print sushi, and due to the limitations of the Pixel Food Printer the finished product looks exactly like 8-bit video game food.

The Pixel Food Printer works by way of “tiny little pixel cubes made from a type of edible gel,” which are injected with flavors, colors, nutrients, and so on in order to create the foodstuffs you see above. I literally cannot fathom food created in such a way would taste like anything other than astronaut food, but it looks cool, and luckily you don’t have to taste it to watch it being made in the video below:

You can read more about the Pixel Food Printer, as well as Open Meals’ plans for the future of the technology, right here.

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