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Pins Collective: Customizable Digital Pins

by Joseph
Pins Collective

Pins Collective

Pins are a fun way to personalize your clothes or accessories, but they’re limited by the fact that they can only bear a single image.  For example, let’s say you get a bunch of Dr. Who pins for Christmas, they’re pretty much useless if you stop being into Dr. Who and start getting into Red Dwarf instead. But Pins Collective has the answer with their first-ever digital pins.

Pins Collective’s digital pins sync up with a smartphone app that lets you create your own designs or select designs from other artists. You press the “wear on pin” button and congrats, you are now the owner of an ostensibly brand-new pin, at least as far as first glances will be concerned.

It’s pretty cool technology, and even though each pin is going for $59 (and up) on Kickstarter here, it’s worth it if you consider that each pin technically has, like, an infinite number of potential pins inside.

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