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“Pin-Ups: David Bowie Goes to the Movies” from TIFF

by Joseph


The cool thing about being a David Bowie fan is that even if you’ve listened to all of his music (an impressive feat on its own), unless you’re an absolutely obsessive completist there are probably a few movies of his you haven’t seen yet. The Toronto International Film Festival, as part of its series of longform pieces examining film advertising called FilmArt, has a new piece going deep into Bowie’s very strange movie career. It’s called “Pin-Ups: David Bowie Goes to the Movies.”

“Pin-Ups” (named after Bowie’s 1973 cover album) covers everything from Bowie’s big screen debut in The Man Who Fell to Earth to his cameo appearance in Zoolander, and lots of cool stuff in between. And even though it’s ostensibly a study of lobby cards, posters, and other forms of movie advertising, it also acts as a sort of de facto primer on his work in films.

Check out “Pin-Ups: David Bowie Goes to the Movies” at the official TIFF site right here.

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