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Pictar Camera Grip for the iPhone

by Joseph


If you care about photography and use the camera(s) built into your iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the discrepancy between the image quality possible with the phone’s camera, and the sometimes clunky and simplistic control scheme, compared to a professional grade camera. Pictar is a camera grip specifically designed for the iPhone that was engineered to close that gap.

With Pictar clicked onto your iPhone, you have access to a plethora of features familiar to users of higher-grade cameras. Those features include dual-stage shutter release for focus and exposure control, enhanced zoom functions, shutter speed control, and much more, all accessible via controls just like those found on a regular camera.

Pre-orders on Pictar start at $90 at the product’s Kickstarter here, which has about a month left to go before its crowdfunding period comes to an end. The first wave of shipments is expected to start in November, and since it’s already hit its fundraising goal and then some, there’s not much risk of the product ceasing to be before then.

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