Home Entertainment “Picasso Biggie” Jay Z + Notorious BIG Mash-Up by !llmind (Audio)

“Picasso Biggie” Jay Z + Notorious BIG Mash-Up by !llmind (Audio)

by Joseph
Picasso Biggie

Picasso Biggie

Mash-up fans (and fans of good music in general) will be interested in a new joint by !llmind, who had the inspiration to take Timbaland‘s “Picasso Baby” beat for Jay Z and stick it behind Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit” verses. And, like most of the great mash-ups throughout history, it has a great name that succinctly sums up the whole project.

That name in this case is “Picasso Biggie,” and this particular meeting between Jay Z (or, more accurately, Timbaland) and Notorious B.I.G. arranged by !llmind sounds so good, in fact, that a less scholarly hip-hop fan might think it was produced in a studio. It’s a fitting tribute to Biggie Smalls, who died 15 years ago this month.

If you’ve got a few minutes free, why not give “Picasso Biggie” a listen below. And to listen to some more of !llmind’s work, check out his page on Soundcloud here.

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