Home Tech & Gear Phoozy: “The World’s First Thermal Capsule for Your Smartphone”

Phoozy: “The World’s First Thermal Capsule for Your Smartphone”

by Joseph


My phone is a couple of years old, and I live in Texas, so this summer I’ve noticed that if I’m outside for longer than an hour or two my phone starts to run a little hot. My own proposed solution to the problem of it being too hot to use smartphones outside is ocean colonization, but Phoozy is a somewhat smaller-scale solution to that same problem.

Phoozy is billed by its makers as the first thermal capsule for your smartphone in the world, and it uses the same material that protects astronauts from the harsh environments of space to shield your phone from not just heat, but extreme cold and drop shocks as well. It can even improve your phone’s battery performance, since batteries don’t respond well to afternoon bakings in the car either.

Get more information on Phoozy at the product’s official site here, where you can also purchase one for just about $30.

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