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Philips Power Potion Battery Pack In Production

by Joseph
Philips Power Potion

Philips Power Potion

In a perfect world, external battery packs would not be necessary, but as any visitor to this site knows, this is far from a perfect world. And so we have products like the Philips Power Potion, now in its production phrase at Philips.

The Philips Power Potion was designed by Catherine Wong with an eye towards making a battery pack the average person wouldn’t mind carrying with them wherever they go. To that end, the Power Potion looks more like a small bottle of perfume than the typical giant power bricks that are out on the market now. And it has enough power to juice up an iPhone 6S Plus to capacity on one charge. On the cosmetic front, it also comes equipped with an aluminum ring that can be coordinated with the color of your mobile device of choice.

Not for sale quite yet but listed as “in development” here, where you can get some more information on the Philips Power Potion battery pack, and keep your eyes peeled for it to become available for sale in the near future.

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