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Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra: An Orchestra of DJs (Video)

by Joseph
Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

70 years ago, a recording of Felix Mendelssohn’s Concerto in E minor became the first LP ever released. Now, Panasonic is paying tribute to that occasion with a new rendition of that orchestral work, this one performed by an unlikely group: The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra. As Channel Panasonic on YouTube explains:

“The world’s first ensemble performance using only turntables and mixers. The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra creates a whole new music experience, reconstructing classical music by playing vinyl records with a variety of musical techniques.”

The video’s description also includes a complete rundown of the Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra, which might have a familiar handle or two if you’re a devotee of electronic music, including Qbert, Mr. Switch, and Rena, the 2017 DMC World Champion and also the youngest such champion in history.

You can check out the video below, and for more from the ensemble head over to the Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra’s official site right here.



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