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Phazon: “Wireless Earbuds Guaranteed Not to Fall”

by Joseph


Lots of companies make earbuds. Lots of those companies make certain claims about their products that, honestly, could or could not be true, probably depending on your ears. But Phazon is putting their money where your ears are with their “wireless earbuds guaranteed not to fall.”

Phazon’s lofty claim that their earbuds are absolutely guaranteed not to fall out of their wearer’s ears is even more impressive when you consider that they’re not custom-fitted, but instead come in only one size. The earbuds use a twist-motion to go in and stay in, and they’re also water-resistant and available in your choice of six colors.

The only bad news is the price, as Phazon earbuds start at $169 at the product’s IndieGoGo campaign right here. But if you’ve ever experienced the uniquely frustrating sensation of having your earbuds fall out in the middle of “Street Hassle,” you might consider that a fair price to pay for never having to experience it again.

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