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Pharrell Debuts Spoken Word Piece “Dear G I R L” (Video)

by Joseph
Dear G I R L

Pharrell Williams Dream Girl

The reasoning behind Pharrell‘s titling of his most recent album G I R L might have seemed self-explanatory—after all, aren’t the vast majority of pop songs written by men basically about girls?  But that didn’t stop him from releasing a spoken-word piece that, in part, serves to explain exactly how G I R L earned its title.

The track is called “Dear G I R L,” and it has Pharrell Williams delivering a spoken love letter “to all the confident, beautiful women out there.” I guess Pharrell didn’t know that Flight of the Conchords covered this territory first.

“Dear G I R L” takes the backing track from Pharrell’s earlier single “Marilyn Monroe,” and adds the spoken-word part.  The video has a laid back vibe as Pharrell delivers the speech to some actual girls from the “Marilyn Monroe” video.

You can see the whole “Dear G I R L” video below.

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