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Meet ‘Phantom,’ The Most Expensive Photograph in History

by Joseph


At first glance, the photo above might look to you like a particularly nasty x-ray of what happens when you don’t look before you sit. But in actuality, it’s a photograph taken of Arizona‘s Antelope Canyon, entitled Phantom, and it recently became the most expensive photograph of all time.

Phantom gets its name from the peculiar phenomenon of light coming into Antelope Canyon, and the apparent entity that’s trapped in the beam. It’s an optical illusion, but a Godsend for photographers – especially Peter Lik, who took the photo and then sold it for an unprecedented $6.5 million to a private collector. That’s $6.5 million for a photographic print – an incredible sum.

You can read a full press release on Phantom and its world record sale here. And to see more of photographer Peter Lik’s work, which includes other unbelievably expensive photo prints (that you can look at for free), head over to his official website here.

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