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‘Pete’s Dragon’ Reboot Gets Official Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon is one of the few live-action Disney films that actually had a shelf life beyond its original theatrical release, and now that shelf life is being extended indefinitely with a new remake — a remake which now has a brand new official teaser trailer from Disney.

The teaser for Pete’s Dragon focuses mostly on Pete, in this version a feral child who survived six years in the forest with only the help of a possibly-imaginary dragon. (Disney would appear to be doubling down on the appeal of the wild child between this and The Jungle Book.)

In the original, that dragon was an obviously-animated cartoon, and children accepted it, but in today’s world kids demand absolute CGI photorealism, although it does look like this new version of the dragon is covered in fur and a lot more lovable than Smaug or any other CGI dragons of recent years.

You can check out the first official teaser trailer for Pete’s Dragon: Reloaded below. And for more Disney movie trailers, check out the official, uh, Disney Movie Trailers YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the teaser:

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