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PET De Lux Custom Retro Game Console

by Joseph
PET De Lux

PET De Lux

Swedish designer Love Hultén is back with another piece inspired by the golden age of video games. Additionally, it’s an homage to the Personal Electronic Transactor or PET, the first line of personal computers released by Commodore back in the late 1970s. It’s called the PET De Lux.

Unlike the original PET, the PET De Lux is primarily for video games, particularly classics like Dig Dug and Asteroids. But it also has functions that duplicate the original computer’s, like a cassette deck and chiclet keyboard, in addition to duplicating the original’s immediately identifiable shape handsome American walnut. And if you’ve got the walnut to afford it, Hultén will make you a customized version built to your own specifications.

Whether or not that applies to you, you can get a lot more information on the PET De Lux, as well as a bunch of other Love Hultén projects, at the designer’s official site right here. And you can also see the computer in action in the video below:

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